Should I Hire An Architect For My Custom Home Build?

Should I Hire An Architect For My Custom Home Build?

Manpreet Singh • May 26, 2021

Building a new home comes with thousands of decisions for a homeowner. You may not even realise some of these decisions you have to make but only discover them when something highlights the need for it.  

Choosing an area and then choosing a great block of land would have been part of your first batch of big decisions. Then you need to capture the swirl of ideas into a viable vision of the house for your custom home builder. 

Designing your own home is commendable, but architectural services involve far more than top quality design work. There are pre-engineering considerations, material integration decisions and loads of legal factors. We always recommend hiring a custom home builder to ensure your final built product has a good resale value and meets your needs correctly. 

Here are some reasons to support this advice:

Appropriate Design Supported By Experience

Your architect’s designs are subliminally fed with years of value-adding experience. The designs will address your specifications, style, and budget. Your architect will work with you to turn your unique vision into a viable reality without failed areas or dead spots. 

They come with valuable experience with a variety of building styles and construction techniques. Scale drawings and 3D models will be presented to you in design development meetings to help you see the end result. You must sign off these drawings before we submit them to the council for approval, or decision making will cause delays whilst the project is trying to operate.

Cohesive Design

Non-architect designed homes run the risk of incohesive design, whereas an architect will help with selections of appropriate fittings, finishing, materials and lighting that meet your lifestyle needs, integrate into the design and, ultimately, increase the value of your home. More importantly, they will leverage costs during the design and specification stages so that the budget is constrained and spent where it matters.

Get The Best Out Of Build Phase

With our best architect designing the building of your home from start to finish, your project will have better timing control and cost management. Your architect will help you select the right orientation of your home. Regular inspections, work completion certificates, and related payment instructions will be issued by our office staff. They will coordinate with various consultants and engineers and mitigate risks to the project. 


An architect brings value to a project. The custom home builder will get correct plans and a design that structurally and aesthetically makes sense. Problems on site will be solved quickly and technically accurate. The project will run smoother, faster and more cost-effectively than without the presence of an architect.

Contact our master builder team at Omaxe Homes with any questions you have about the construction of your new home. If you need some advice on custom home builders, please drop us an email at or give us a call on P: 1300 066 293 and let’s get your dream home built!

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