Get Your Kitchen Design Right For Your Custom Built Home In Craigieburn!

Get Your Kitchen Design Right For Your Custom Built Home In Craigieburn!

Manpreet Singh • May 28, 2021

When you have your dream home constructed by a custom builder in Craigieburn, you will need to have many decisions worked through and decided before the project starts.  

One of the most valuable parts of a home is its kitchen, and it is also the most intensely used area. It would be a good idea to spend time carefully planning this with your interior designer and then getting all the electrical and plumbing points advised to the architect asap.

For help with this vital part of your home, read on for kitchen inspiration from your favourite custom builder.

Southern Hemisphere Influence In Kitchens

With our abundance of natural light, long summer days and more relaxed lifestyles, Australian homeowners are drawn to interiors that bring the outside inside, have lighter colours, and casual breakfast bars.                           

Are Kitchen Islands Still A Good Idea?

Kitchen islands are loved the world over. Not only are they a great hub for family and friends, but they also add extra storage and extra working space. A well-designed kitchen island will be the centre of attention in more than one way.

Colour Palette

As with a taste palette, a colour palette is a very subjective choice that can benefit from professional guidance up to a point. White, greys and other light tones are immensely popular in sunny locations. The northern hemisphere is favouring darker-toned cabinets and benchtops, but that is to be expected with their climate. A classic white kitchen is a trend-resistant choice that will withstand years of fads. The cooler shades are definitely desirable when the mercury is rising outdoors.

Monochromatic Mania

A monochromatic kitchen with a bench, splashback and shelving in one material is very chic and certainly makes a statement. It is functional, stylish and seamless, giving an integrated, well thought through feel about the kitchen. 

Storage storage storage

Now that you have sorted out location, location, location for your new custom-built home, you can address the storage, storage, storage kitchen-manta. Homeowners like more storage. To leverage the space, we recommend using wall to wall storage with as many pull out gadgets as your budget allows. You will wonder how you survived without them after a while.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry is dramatic whilst quietly hiding the disorder behind closed doors. 


A kitchen really is the heart of a home. Getting the best design advice available for it is an astute decision as a homeowner. Once we have the plans, we can execute them to the highest quality possible.

To get help with finding a kitchen designer, or to ask any questions about your new build project, contact the community’s favourite custom builder in Craigieburn, Omaxe Homes! Drop us a line on or give us a call on P: 1300 066 293 and let’s get your dream built!

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