The Benefits of Building in A New Suburb

The Benefits of Building in A New Suburb

Manpreet Singh • Jun 25, 2021

One of the first things you’ll do when deciding on a new home is to choose its location. Next, you’ll decide whether to buy and renovate or build a brand spanking new home. Builders in Truganina are giving new homeowners a huge benefit – they can choose the exact area, block, and style of home within which to set down their family roots. This is the benefit of building in a new suburb versus buying and changing an existing home.

Like other new suburbs, Truganina has a lot more location and view options to choose from; everything is in sparkling, new condition, and affordability is everywhere. You also get to build your dream home exactly the way you want.

Here are some tips for choosing a new suburb to build your custom dream home:


To evaluate the amenities, think about how you live now and how you will live in the future. Are you and your partner career focused and need good commute time to the city? Or do you both want to be in the wilderness on the weekends? Do you need vibrant dining and shopping destinations nearby? Or do you want parks and recreation facilities for your future family and pets?

You can also ask the local councils about their future infrastructure plans.

Transport Services

Transport is a biggie. Do you need to commute in your car or would public transport suit you? What commuting time results from each location must be considered? When your kids have grown up, will they be able to get to school or university with ease?

The Other Value of Education

Schools always play a major part in a suburb’s value. It’s a good idea to consider your family’s needs in 10 to 20 years.

On a financial note, good schools are sought after and will always attract a higher resale value. Your home is a significant financial investment, so it is prudent to plan for a big return on it.

Character Of the Area

Suburbs can be different on paper from how you experience them – their visual, audio, behavioural, and event characteristics are important to know. Spend some time in the shortlisted areas to get the ‘real feel’. Wander through markets and other social spots, check out the nearest conveniences and see if they meet your expectations.

Research about whether young couples or families live there or ascertain if the dwellings are owner-occupied or rented out. 

Land Access

Once you have selected the area, the next step is to choose the individual block of land. Is a single storey or an expansive double storey on your needs list [insert hyperlink to Custom Home Design Tips! article]? Do you want a slope to maximise the views? Your builder can give you valuable advice at this stage on the block best suited to the home design you want. 

Building in a new suburb gives you freshness, the latest technology, environmentally friendly buildings, less city noise and fantastic affordability. 

If you want help choosing the right block for your custom-designed home contact the top-quality home constructor, Omaxe Homes. Whether it’s comes to the builder in Truganina (Melbourne), Ballarat, Or Geelong, we have the professional expertise to help and guide you through. Our reputation of trustworthy and respectful teams and positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers means we have had over a decade of happy building projects.

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