Custom Home Design Tips!

Custom Home Design Tips!

Manpreet Singh • Jun 30, 2021

Building your custom home with a builder in Ballarat is not an ordinary thing. It is exciting, inspiring, and must be considered one of the biggest projects of your lifetime! Planning and inspiration need to be put together to get the best results. Here are some tips and ideas from the Omaxe Homes team to help you build your dream home and put a stop to ‘budget creep’.

Fun Research

Research can be a lot of fun, and social media has helpful tools such as Pinterest and Houzz. With Pinterest, you can save, review, delete and organise your home ideas. You can look at how people’s ideas have been translated into reality by the trained and skilled builder. Furthermore, you can also select the home products of your desire.

The boards you create gives you good idea about what you want in your new home and you can share it with your consultant in designing phase. You can happily pick everything from furniture to laundry room designs to paint colours to flooring.

Your ‘Must Have’ List

The tough part of the process for you is to reign in your inspiration to align with your budget. You will have to be strict with discarding ‘wants’ and keeping the ‘needs. Once you’ve contained the budget, you can fit in the ‘must haves.

Create a ‘needs’ list (essential items) and a ‘must have’ list (not essential but critical for your happiness). This is when it is important to be realistic about the size of your custom home and the budget. Your home’s exterior look is important but not as important as the layout of the floor plan and the home’s functionality.

The Right House Plan

There are as many ‘perfect’ custom home plans as there are people on this earth so there is no ‘silver bullet’ house plan. Luckily though, companies such as ours (happy smiles from the Omaxe team) have popular, beautiful, affordable house plans for you to choose from. Coming up with a house plan all on your own is a mammoth task so starting with existing, successful plans gives you a greater chance of success. Ensure that you have a list of the square meters you need, what style you want, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the other key essentials.

This will narrow your search and stop you from going down a rabbit hole of plan research.

Customise The Plan

Once you have chosen a favourite plan, list the customisations that you would want to implement to the existing plan. You will be happy to know that customising a stock house plan is significantly more beneficial than making a new plan from scratch. You will get the ‘need’ and ‘must have’ features whilst keeping the home within your budget.

Now that you have achieved those steps, as the premier building company that supplied you with the plan to submit a quotation to you. The builder will also be a font of knowledge that you will find super-helpful, so take out the time to sit with them and discuss your ideas.

If you want help with designing and building your home, contact Omaxe Homes, the top-quality custom home builder in Ballarat, Melbourne & Geelong regions. We are known for maintaining a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect throughout a project. Our positive relationships with subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and, importantly, our clients mean we have had over a decade of happy building projects.

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